Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and trust me when I tell you that WE DON’T WANT YOUR CLICHÉ GIFTS! Keep the stiff teddy bears and cheap creepy necklaces at the store. Please.

Here are 5 gifts that can leave your night with a happy ending:


A Nice Camera

Capturing moments is super important, like what if you wanna broadcast a wedding slideshow one day (extra I know)? People will enjoy seeing your history! On a serious note, a quality camera to take bomb photos of you and your significant other on the adventures you share is clutch. Or swap it out with a classic Polaroid to have vintage style keepsakes.

Spa Day

Your girl will APPRECIATE THIS, OK? Pamper her…Professionally! Of course women love when you take initiative to do it yourself and caress our aches, but every once in a while feeling like a Queen at the resort is always a welcomed idea. If you’re in Houston, look into the Houstonian, Hotel Zaza , or Sanctuary Spa!

Stiletto….Pumps *Cues Crime Mob*!

You can’t go wrong here if you know her style (and well, get a gift receipt, HA)! Getting your woman something useful and fashionable will always put you on the winning team and every time she puts those heels on she will think of you… wherever she goes, you go basically!

Get A Room

Ok, not like that (or maybe), but it’s always super fun to enjoy a staycation with the one you love. You can call ahead to have champagne waiting while having in-room massages, room service and watch movies while cuddling up. Try checking out Hotel GranducaHotel Alessandra, The New Hotel Zaza in Memorial City or The Four Seasons Downtown!

Can’t Go Wrong With Wine

Wine and dine your lady, forreal, and head to the nearest city that’s abundant in wineries for the weekend full of relaxation, good food, and well WINE! If in Texas, the Hill Country has so many great wineries to visit and you can enjoy each others company with some vino in hand. Considering? Definitely look into The Austin Winery, Dutchman Family Winery, and Westcave Cellars Winery (which is lots of fun)! Make sure to call prior to check their visiting hours.


Hope this list brought on some stirring ideas of your own, but if not, trust me the above won’t fail you!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!

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