Valentine’s Day can be extra annoying for the single folks out there. It feels like all the couples are conspiring to rub their love and happiness in your face right? But don’t forget that Valentine’s Day can also be about self-love. What better way to show yourself some love than to pamper yourself? Here’s how to show yourself some love with an evening of pampering on Valentine’s Day:


First things first, you’re going to want to set the mood with some aromatherapy. A couple of candles from Target always have my home smelling like a vanilla factory-in a good way. Target’s Signature Soy candles contain 15.2 oz and are only $10; they come in dozens of fragrances and often have seasonal specialties. After you’ve lit your candles, go ahead and start running yourself a nice warm bath. Throw in your favorite bath bomb by Lush to give you a canopy of bubbles. Or if you’re not a fan of bubbles you can try the Egyptian Milk & Honey bath by the Body Shop to make sure your skin feels as soft as silk. But before you get in the bath, don’t forget to wash off all your makeup. You don’t want to make the mistake of opening up your pores while your face is full of products!


As you settle into the tub, turn on your favorite audiobook so your imagination can travel to a mental playground while you soak. I enjoy pampering my spirit with a good book while I pamper my body. I love Audible for my audiobooks; it makes staying well-read so easy! I don’t have the time to sit and hold a book for 18 hours – my life is way too hectic. Audible lets me enjoy books while I go about my day. The membership fee is $14.95 per month which gives you one credit for a book download and if you’re looking for an amazing love story try The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. If you’re looking for a sexy funny book, check out Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. The latter is being adapted into a movie coming out this August AND Kwan is a Singaporean who attended the University of Houston so he gets major points for that! You will probably also want to have a glass of wine or water nearby. I prefer both since I like to be hydrated while I get tipsy.


As you’re draining the water out of your tub, take a sugar scrub and rub it over your legs, thighs, stomach, arms – pretty much everywhere you can reach! This is going to feel a bit like sandpaper (how pleasant), but after you rinse it off, your skin is going to feel brand new! I like to use the Tree Hut’s Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub for this as it’s only $7.99 at Ulta and other scrubs I’ve used don’t remove as much dead skin as this one.


While you sit and relax after your soak, I like to put on a charcoal face mask to clear out my pores. Hand on the Bible, if you’ve never done some sort of clay face mask you’re truly depriving yourself of perfect pores! I use the Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask from Origins ($27.00) to do the trick for me. Your face will feel tingly and super tight as it dries, but afterwards your pores will be noticeably smaller. Put on your best nighttime moisturizer (according to your skin type) and thank yourself for treating yourself like the god or goddess you are!

After all this relaxation, hydration, and moisturization you’re going to be ready to conquer the world with your perfect skin and renewed sense of inner peace.

Sophia Russell is a beauty influencer from Houston, Texas. You can learn all about her beauty tips, and more, by subscribing to her Youtube channel here!

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