With increasing luggage costs and limited weight regulations, the best time to go “carry-on only” is now! Think you can’t do it? I hear ya, but I’ve flown several places with just a carry-on like Paris, Belize, and Puerto Rico to name a few. The pros of going carry-on only is that it allows you to spend less money on checked luggage as well as have less worries in general! The cons? Having to pay more attention to your toiletry packing and potentially running into longer security checks (which can totally be avoided)! Here’s how you can travel, with just a carry-on, to your next abroad destination:


Why not choose the best of the best??

Although you can use a duffel or a large backpack as a carry on, the best carry-on bags for longer trips are hard case bags with at least 2 compartments. My favorite is the Away carry-on, which also comes with a built-in portable charger for your gadgets (say whaaat?)!

Create a packing list

A packing list is much like a grocery list, which stops you from buying (in this case packing) things that just aren’t necessary. Note the activities you will be doing, while away, to make sure you don’t mistakenly leave that killer swimsuit or comfy sandals at home. Most importantly? Stay organized and plan out your outfits even if you have to repeat! Purchase a Packing List Here  

Use packing cubes or compression bags

Packing cubes and compression bags are like super savers for your luggage! The packing cubes are usually box shaped cubes that zip up to keep like items together and in place. Compression bags can help you fit tons of outfits in one carry on without having to pack an overstuffed suitcase around. The drawback to compression bags is that they require a vacuum to suck the air out of the bag…it gets a tad awkward when you have to ask housekeeping to borrow a vacuum!

Compression cubes are a nifty invention that combine the convenience of a packing cube and compression bag in one! Instead of having to use a vacuum, you simply zip the cube to flatten it. Purchase Compression Cubes Here

Happy Travels!


Chelsea is a travel blogger maven that teaches others to see the world without breaking the bank! She spends her free time on adventures across the world in search of the best beaches and believes that travel is a form of self-care. Follow her as she shares the world and its beaches on her blog or on all social media platforms @travelgirlmagic.


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