Hey Polished Fam,

When I first launched CommonPolished, I wanted it to be an outlet for folks who inquired about what brands I was wearing on Facebook and Instagram. I also wanted to assist my friends who looked to me to share mini itineraries of what to do in cities like Miami, Nassau, and London — you could say my college Spring Break trips set a certain standard. While I still love snapping outfit photos and churning out the occasional travel guide, I’ve realized that it’s time for CommonPolished to grow just as I — and each of you — have grown along with it. 


When I started my blog more than three years ago, I picked the name CommonPolished because it embodied my true essence. I’m the gal who’s blasting Little Dragon music in my headphones and clubbing at night to Cardi B. I’ll rock Forever21 to Givenchy. I’ve traveled and slept in hostels with friends but also have stayed at the best hotels all over South Africa. And best believe, I will always stop for Cup Noodles on a road trip only to indulge in Le Colonial when I get back to Houston. My life is a little Common, but Polished and everything in between. And now, it’s time for me to share philosophy with the masses. 

With that being said, it is my pleasure to introduce you to
The New CommonPolished!


With the help of my amazing new team members, CommonPolished has evolved into a progressive, digital destination for millennials featuring content focused on everything from style trends and dating to the intriguing lifestyles of fashion pioneers and social tastemakers! In this ever-evolving digital era, we hope you’re inspired to immerse yourself in CommonPolished‘s daily editorial lineup and discuss + share our diverse content with friends. We’re also ushering in the site’s official launch with our first editorial shoot and video entitled GET ADDICTED”, which was shot at the enchanting Hotel Alessandra.


I hope you all are just as excited as I am for the journey ahead! ALL of you have played a huge role in the founding of my blog, so thank you dearly for your continuous love and support over the past 3+ years! I look forward to the roller-coaster ahead!


Taking it Further. More than a Blog. More than a Magazine. Get Addicted.


Founder, Kara Smith @karacsmithh

If interested in being an Editor or Contributing Editor for CommonPolished, please reach out to commonpolished@gmail.com .

 Featured photo shot by @IAmAngelaFaye


Thank you so much to Hotel Zaza, DJ Matt JohnsAirbrush Brothers, Big Ass Balloons, Nothing Budnt Cakes, RJ Photography (who shot these beautiful photos), and all of our wonderful guests for making the night so spectacular! We love you!
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  1. This is so wonderful and exciting. I look forward reading the new “Common Polished”
    Lov you!

  2. The new CP is everything I didn’t know I needed! This revamp is so refreshing and I’m looking forward to some awesome content! Congrats girl💗