We all know there are times in a man’s life where he accomplishes something monumental such as completing a marathon, graduating from school, witnessing the birth of his child, or landing that greatly sought after promotion. To mark those milestones, there are only a few gifts that carry the heft better than a brilliant mechanical watch.

A watch makes for a great gift not only because of its beauty, but more importantly due to its ability to transcend its utilitarian function and be a family heirloom for years to come! Below, see the five watches to consider when really trying to make a statement:


For the Man on the Move: The Rolex Datejust 41

There are several words used when describing the Rolex brand, but the only word this man cares to hear is ‘reliable’ — that’s exactly what this watch is. The first iteration of this model surfaced in 1945 (Ref. 4467), which was the first automatically winding watch with an automatically changing date on the dial. The stainless steel and white gold versions of the Datejust also transitions from work to play really nicely. Needless to say, many men of gusto have put this watch to the test and not only does it pass their tests with high marks, it most importantly, stands the test of time.



For the City Walker: The Nomos Orion

Since following NOMOS for quite some time, I can humbly say that you would be hard-pressed to find a watch brand that produces higher quality watches with two lungfuls of fresh air. Their watches always look neat, cool & quirky, and the Orion is no exception. This particular model seems to embody everything I’ve come to understand of the German Bauhaus days, which was known for form & function while still keeping things simple and modern. From the blue hands which compliment the gold indexes, to the white dial the modern watch has never looked so good. Now strap it on and go explore the city in style!



For the Tech Savvy Gent: The Ressence TYPE 1

This is another brand that I’ve followed closely for some time now and “WOW!” wouldn’t do the watchmakers at Ressence any justice. They keep pushing the envelope so far into the future that I dare say that they are prophets in showing us what the future of horology holds (and it’s not Quartz). This intricate watch will start many conversations so make sure you read the owner’s manual prudently so you’re not stumbling when you’re inevitably asked what the heck is on your wrist by every observant eye in the room.
P.S: Look out for the Ressence TYPE 2 e-Crown set to hit retailers some time in June 2018



For the Weekend Warrior: The Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio

Don’t be mad guys if you disagree, but I believe that Panerai makes the most handsome watches ever. I feel like Panerais carry the same kind of effortless cool that an army surplus jacket does and that’s no coincidence. Panerai, on the eve of WWII, created their first prototype for the watch now known as the Radomir for the Frogman Commandos of the Royal Italian Navy. This particular model comes in a boastful 44mm titanium case with a luscious chocolate dial and brown leather straps. Pair this watch with a cool & collected weekend fit and I bet you can charm your way through any brunch scene.



For the Bourgeois Boy: The Piaget Altiplano Watch 

Every so often, a man of stature has to pull out his trusty Tom Ford tux, or his Ralph Lauren: Purple Label dinner jacket for a black-tie event, and for such events, not one detail can afford to be overlooked (don’t mix your metals. Pick a color for all your accessories and stick to it i.e. Gold or Silver)— most especially in the watch department.

When it comes to formalwear, for some of us, the watch you decide to adorn your wrist with (or not) is the true tell of one’s taste level. In this department, Piaget has you covered. Piagets have been neatly tucked beneath the cuffs of many noteworthy men for decades now, it is slim enough to slip underneath your cuff when one’s hand is lowered — only to reveal itself to the world when you raise your champagne flute to toast to the good life.


Feature photo via A Gentleman’s World

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