There is no better time to start fresh than spring. As you take the time to spruce up those closets and organize your professional life, it’s necessary to make time to spring clean your dating life.

If this idea is new to you, then let me catch you up. Its all about cleaning house and making room for the relationship you want. If you’re over the idea of casual hookups and seasonal relationships, you’ll want to check out these tips and the do’s and don’ts that come along with them.

Tip 1 Edit the Roster

The idea of a roster is simple, it is a hand full of people you are interested in you that are vying to be in a committed relationship with you. Your role when managing a lineup is two main things which are, know when to make a cut and edit the list when a person eliminates themselves.

Having options is something to embrace, in order to give yourself time to figure out what it is that you really want. It also can help manage your attachment meter which is likely to prevent you from getting attached too fast.

Do: Compartmentalize your interests and date accordingly.

Don’t: Make the mistake of having a list that turns into meaningless hookups.

Tip 2 Rid of the Time Wasters

We’ve all been in a situation where you’ve invested time and energy into a person, all to find out that the person was either using you to pass time or made you a rebound without you knowing. When it comes to time wasters, they are ego driven and fickle.

That’s why it’s important to be clear about what you want, so you don’t find yourself in a game of ghosting and string you along 2.0. Two games that are bound to leave you confused as well as waste energy that you could have been going towards someone worthy.

Do : Give the person a chance that makes plans, but may not be your ideal situation.

Don’t : Give your time to a person that makes plans with you and never follows through.

Tip 3 Emotional Baggage Has to Go

Most folks carry some type of baggage when coming into something new. Granted we are all working through something, however, no one likes to date a person that is an emotional mess. While you’re holding that person accountable of their emotions, make sure to do a quick check of your emotions to ensure that you’re mentally capable of stepping into something.

If you happen to be dating someone that hasn’t emotionally gotten their last situationship under wraps, this is the perfect time to let them go.

It is likely that this person may have trouble managing their emotions, which could potentially be a problem for you, in such a way that they could be eager to feel feelings that realistically haven’t had the time to surface.

Do: Verbally express genuine interest if you see the relationship being worth your while.

Don’t: Don’t profess your love for someone too soon, like two weeks too soon.

Tip 4 Cut Ties with your Comfort Zone and Try Something New

It’s expected to be comfortable with dating your normal type, however, if things have not managed to result in the outcome that you’ve been desiring then it may be time to open yourself up to a different approach.

Now, this doesn’t mean throw all your standards away and accept someone that does the bare minimum. It means a few things: Ditch your “must have” list, embrace someone that is the opposite of you, challenge your prerequisites that you may have had with your previous type so that your perspective can be broadened.

Do : Be patient with the process and allow yourself time to adjust and grow.

Don’t: Don’t be so rigid and compare your last partner to your new experience.


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