We arrived at the Magnolia Hotel, with a bottle of bubbly in hand, to meet Brooklyn’s own Justine Skye. She just touched down in Houston for the final stretch of her ULTRAVIOLET TOUR and with 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone we had to ask her 14 random questions to know some of the reasons as to why she’s so badass!


Our first burning question is how do you keep your skin so clear and perfect! What’s your secret?

“I don’t think there’s any crazy secret. I use Clinique and my mom has really great skin too. I learn from her. I’m like ‘My moms skin is great sooo’!”

What’s one food you can’t live without?

“Chicken wings. I don’t know I just loveee chicken wings. Like there’s too many sauces and things to just pick one type of flavor!”

What’s your biggest fear in life?

“I literally just said this the other day actually. Spiders, getting cancer or becoming blind.”

New York or Cali and why?

“Oh New York 1000% because 1 that’s where I’m from and 2 It’s just like New Yorkers are always going to be New Yorkers. You can never take the ‘New York’ out of them or convince them that anywhere is better. I just feel like you rep where you come from especially if you come from a poppin’ place like New York City. Not even New York…Brooklyn!”




What’s the theme of your life in one #hashtag? 


Do you have a favorite song on your recent album “Ultraviolet”?

“Well I don’t really have a favorite song because it kind of switches throughout whatever I’m feeling so right now my favorite song is ‘Push Ya’ ”


Is your song Heaven about a real person you’ve dated……

“Umm I feel like it probably pertains to every relationship I’ve ever been in. It all starts off great and you’re in that honeymoon stage, but then it comes a point in time where you know like this could go bad. You have the ability to hurt me because I’ve put my heart in your hands and become completely vulnerable to you. You now have the power to hurt me if you really really wanted to.


Who would your ultimate dream collab be with?

“Would definitely have to be Pharrell and Missy Elliot (this needs to freaking happen)”

And, if your life was a trap song what would it be?

“*Checks phone* I don’t know if my life relates to any trap song, but my favorite trap song right now is ‘Kesha Dem’ by this artist named Trouble

What was the last text you sent and to whom?

“Hmmmm let’s see…..the last text I sent was to my friend and it was like the sad sweating emoji. Someone sent me a song and I was just like *insert Justine’s sad sweating emoji facial expression*”

Are there any main ingredients you need for a successful girls trip?

“Tequila. (in our heads, this comment made Justine our best friend). That’s like a MUST have on all my girls trips. We drink 1942 Don Julio! Honestly, we should be sponsored by it by now. Number 1 ideally is 1942, then Casamigos then Patron. There’s this meme going around that says ‘ A woman that can take a tequila shot and make no face is sent straight from the devil! HA!”



How would you describe your love life right now in 3 words?

“Private, Interesting and Beautiful”

Do you currently have a celeb crush?

“Nahh…noo…I have my real crush”

What are the 3 qualities you look for when dating someone new?

“Well 1 is being able to make me laugh. That’s an easier winner. And then it’s how comfortable I feel being around them. I shouldn’t have to be so self conscious about things like eating or taking out my weave and makeup and stuff like that. I feel like the guys that you can mostly be yourself around, are the ones you end up being friends with then ultimately having a relationship with. There have been guys where I didn’t even want to eat in front of them and then there has been guys that I have completely been myself around and those are the most fun relationships that I’ve ever been in. They hurt more, but I’ve felt something special and that I would be connected to them for the rest of my life.”


Make sure to give Justine Skye’s Ultraviolet album a listen here

Photos shot by @compozition

This interview was edited by the CommonPolished team for brevity

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  1. Yessssssss to being comfortable. Lol, we talk about this all the time. “I need to be able to _____ around you!!!” 💀💀💀 Now YOU fill in the blank!