For some women, there’s no greater feeling than spending an entire day inside of a NARS boutique or Sephora store swatching every eyeshadow, lipstick and concealer to see what matches their skin complexion best. For others, this may sound like the most dreadful thing you could ever do. *Cues in your makeup fairy god mother(s)* A few gals on #TeamCommonPolished decided to do the hard work for you. We each tested, and did a breakdown of our day, one of NARS’ newest products. We had to share our thoughts.

P.S. Sorry in advance for the $cha-ching$ you’re about to spend.



KARA SMITH- H.B.I.C on NARS Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek palette

To be honest, I’m not an eyeshadow wearer at all so when the NARS Houston boutique shared this palette with me  I was nervous to dive in. It was going to be a long day for me. With meetings all day, and 3 events at nighttime, I needed my makeup to stay on all day.

8:00 AM – I went for it! I applied my NARS foundation and subtlety contoured with the “Unleashed” bronzing powder from the Atomic palette. Since my usual face of confusion came about when looking at what to do with the eyeshadows, I daringly chose to put the “Kink” metallic copper shadow on as highlighter on top of the highlighter provided in the palette… which actually looked stunning!

2:00 PM– I went to grab lunch and the server (who’s makeup looked amazing by the way) actually complimented me on how good my makeup looked! #rare

10:00 PM– After a dinner event at Yauatcha, my makeup was still intact and had me feeling like a shimmery goddess. I then partied the night away at Le Colonials rooftop where I had a full blown “Huji App” photoshoot because I felt so bomb!

This palette is one for everyone! For me, it’s a must have because the product is so versatile.

Get yours here,  NARS Atomic Blonde Eye and Cheek palette, $59



SOPHIA RUSSELL- BeautyEditor on NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

The NARS Radiant Creamy concealer is my go-to replacement for foundation in the summer time. It’s perfect for the light “makeup-and-go” look that I especially like to wear at work when I want to look pretty and not dead so early in the A.M. I’m telling you, it’s a huge time-saving alternative to doing a full face of makeup since the NARS concealer provides medium to full coverage. Here’s how my day went down.

9 AM – I applied the concealer with my makeup sponge and then added my choice of setting powder, blush, and highlight. I have a 10 -hour long day ahead of me and the way Houston humidity is set up, I want my concealer to stay in place for as long as possible.

1 PM – My “no makeup” makeup is still looking super flawless. It’s so crazy how many compliments I get with this simple makeup vs. how many I get when I have a fully beat face!

7 PM – I headed to dinner and a movie with my girlfriends to see Crazy Rich Asians and I noticed that my nose had started to look a little oily while the lines under my eyes started to slightly crease because of it. I took out my still-damp makeup sponge and blended a bit. Then took my setting powder over the area…this helped my makeup look fresh for the remainder of the night.

This concealer does such a great job of hiding my dark spots plus evening out my complexion. Definitely a must for everyone who wants to look flawless with minimal effort.

Get yours here,  NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30



GABBI SAULS- CreativeDirector on NARS Climax Mascara

To say I’m a mascara-holic is a bit of an understatement. My day-to-day look consists of simply filling in my brows and adding a couple (a lot) of coats of mascara… so obviously I take my mascara pretty seriously. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like I’ve tried all of them and with my lashes being 50% of my “no makeup” makeup look, I’m always on the hunt for a bold lift without the unwelcomed smudging. *Insert the new NARS Climax Mascara* Let me give you the rundown.

8:50 AM – On most days, I’m running about 5 mins behind, but I NEVER skip the final step in my morning routine. I swiped on the first coat of mascara and immediately saw the magic. After three coats – I was sold on the volume. It was beyond extreme, but unexpectedly light. Weird, right?

1:30 PM – Around lunch I always do a quick survey in the bathroom mirror to make sure my mascara is still on point. Truth be told, most times I already have smudging at this point. I usually dab it up with a wet napkin and keep it moving. But today… EVERYTHING WAS IN TACT. This was unreal.

7 PM – As I was rushing out of work to make a friend’s birthday dinner, I decided to add one more coat just to refresh my look. Although this was the fourth coat – the application was super smooth and had no clumping. It almost felt like the first or second run-through. All in all, this mascara is bomb and believe me when I say… you need this!

Get yours here, NARS Climax Mascara, $24


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