Now that fashion month is behind us, and sadly #TeamCommonPolished had to lurk from a distance on Instagram and Vogue Runway, we wanted to at least get some tidbits on the happenings to make us feel like we were there. To do this, we looked to four very influential gals who reside in Houston…just like us! Let’s all take a moment and peek into the the very fashionable NYFW schedule of bloggers @imgoodlikemeghan, @shaymone, @newtexacali, and @authentically.b .

Ready. Set…


We were pretty chill on Thursday. Brandy wouldn’t arrive until Friday night, so there wasn’t too much done without her. Also, it was super hot outside in New York…then there was some some rain later in the evening. The girls and I got settled in our hotel, grabbed dinner, and started prepping for a brand meeting with Lilla P we had on Friday morning. Lilla P is a contemporary brand that offers a wide range of elevated basics.


We were able to chat with the Lilla P head designer and office team while going through the details of the new collections. That was so much fun! 

Our next event was the Lulu’s Style Studio rooftop event party where we got to enjoy champs, light bites, tons of photo-ops, and free swag! The experience was so great as we got to mingle with other stylish gals from all over the world. 


We attend the book party to celebrate Shay and Nikki. They are in the book!! We had so much fun partying and dancing the evening away all while celebrating their huge accomplishment. I think that was our favorite event! 

While New York City can be a beast, overall, we really enjoyed visiting a PR agency where we met with many other fellow bloggers and pulled looks for a group photo shoot we epically planned at midnight in Times Square. This opened many chances and opportunities for us to have more collaborations in the future!

Below, check out the epic style Meghan, Shay, Nikki, and Brandy donned during New York Fashion Week 2018:














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