Break ups suck, point. blank. period. There’s no real way to make a break up not feel horrible, you kind of just have to go through the motions…all the motions. Of course, going through heartbreak feels like you’re dying and will never get over it but in all my experience of break ups and make ups I’ve learned the best thing to do is not to try to deny how you’re feeling. Going through the phases is such a pain, but you need to do it in order to get through it.

My most recent break up was probably the most exhausting and I will admit I leaned on a lot of wine and a lot of music. There’s nothing like a good sad song to cry over or even dance in front of the mirror to and remind yourself who you are.  Listening to your favorite artist, who can express exactly what you’re feeling in their music, can actually help you get through it 10x better because you’re then reminded it’s not just you out here hurting. Even Beyoncé has heartbreak anthems….. Beyoncé!

If you, or someone you know, is going through a break up here are 20 songs (in no particular order) I feel you need to add to your playlist ASAP. These songs will really help you get through the tough time.

    1. Put Me Through – Anderson Pak
    2. BAN – Saweetie
    3. Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce
    4. Leave Me Alone – Flip Dinero
    5. Ex Factor – Lauryn Hill
    6. Just Sayin/I Tried – The Internet
    7. Call Tyrone – Erykah Badu
    8. Truth Hurts – Lizzo
    9. Feel No Ways – Drake
    10. Don’t Hurt Yourself – Beyonce
    11. When It Hurts So Bad – Lauryn Hill
    12. Forever Don’t Last – Jasmine Sullivan
    13. Take It All – Adele
    14. Tore Up – Kehlani
    15. Bad Religion – Frank Ocean
    16. Not In That Way – Sam Smith
    17. Gone – NSYNC
    18. Free Yourself – Fantasia
    19. I’m Not the One – The Black Keys
    20. All In My Head – Tori Kelly
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